Do You JOOS?

Artificial intelligence is no longer science fiction. With today's technology, your customers are just a click away.

Automation and Artificial Intelligence can save you time by automating contacts, processes, and payments.


Automate and personalize email marketing

automated email marketing  

Save more time by automating the answers to questions your customers ask every day.

Your virtual assistant chatbot can do it for you

chatbot virtual assistant chatbot


Build relationships with your clients and future customers using our automated system.

Automated email marketing and chatbots = Happy Customers

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JOOS Your Business with Automated Marketing & Chatbots

You need to invest your marketing dollars wisely. You can't afford to spend money on marketing that doesn't work.

With the mailJOOS system of automated marketing, you reach your customers through places they visit every day: email and chat.

According to a 2017 survey by Business Insider, the use of messaging apps has already surpassed the big social media giants.

  chatbots vs messengers  

Research shows that people like to receive promotional messages from businesses they visit and trust.

By 2024, more than 85% of online help and customer care will be powered by chatbots.

With mailJOOS you learn about proven methods to

BUILD, CREATE, and AUTOMATE your messages.

You have 2 options

Learn how to grow your business,

save time and money,

reach your customers now...

Become a mailJOOS member and we'll teach you how.



Let's get started!


Or let us do it for you.


Grow your business

Reach your customers with monthly or weekly campaigns.
Build Relationships
"Hi Terri, I have some exciting new products to tell you about. Can we set up an appointment?" Email helps you stay in touch and get up close and personal with your clients.
Target Customers
Send your customers just what they need at just the right time. Tailor your messages to the seasons, holidays or special product selections. Our experts can help you plan campaigns.
Boost Sales
Your targeted message and call to action arrives right in your customer's inbox. They can respond immediately via email, go to your Website, or even pick up the phone and give you a call.


We help you build your contact list by providing tips and strategies.
We show you how to create content campaigns that go directly to the inbox of your clients. Proven strategies invite your customers to respond to your personalized messages.
We teach you how to set up email campaigns, manage your contact list, and automate everything. We even share our expertise on building chatbot conversations and how chatbots can add customer contacts to your list.